About Us

Red Ego is a small indie team of highly experienced and creative professionals who believe game making is the perfect union of art and science. At Red Ego, we think playing is one of the most wonderful experiences everyone should have. In a world where everyone feels the constant need to stay connected and have fun, our team is constantly pushing the limits of creativity and is always committed to deliver highly entertaining games.

The founder of Red Ego, Thomas Thamer, is committed to bringing a new vision into the gaming world, by anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s player. Thomas has more than 10 years of experience working for top gaming companies such as IGG, DeNA, Touchten and others. He was part of the making of some of the most successful titles on the market such as: Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, One Piece.

As a small part of the amazing, yet competitive industry of mobile gaming, we are always happy to collaborate with professionals and companies who share similar views. Our door is always open for conversation and new projects. We would love to explore new business opportunities with both major gaming publishers and independent gaming studios, as well as partner with investors across the world.

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Thomas Thamer

Founder & Passionate Gamer