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Red Ego is a small indie team of highly experienced and creative professionals who believe game making is the perfect union of art and science. At Red Ego, we think playing is one of the most wonderful experiences everyone should have. In a world where everyone feels the constant need to stay connected and have fun, our team is constantly pushing the limits of creativity and is always committed to deliver highly entertaining games.Read More ›

Our Games

Our games are carefully crafted so everyone can enjoy them. They are fun and addictive!

Re:Turn - One Way Trip

Re:Turn – One Way Trip is a side-scrolling horror adventure in which you solve puzzles and unravel a tragic tale hidden within an old abandoned train.

In Re:Turn – One Way Trip you play Saki, a college student who goes on a camping trip with her friends. After telling ghost stories around the fire everyone retires to their tents, but you wake up in the middle of the night, alone in the darkness with no-one around. After searching for your friends you come across a broken down old train and board it looking for answers…

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Japan Food Chain

Cook and serve delicious Japanese foods ranging from curry don, bento, to sushi and many more.

Upgrade your recipes and restaurant, make it bigger and merrier!


• Simple and precise fast-paced tap control

• Compete with your friends

• Upgradable foods & restaurant

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